Ajedrez. Chess. Bobby Fischer - The Final Years. A Personal Memoir - G Sverrisson (Cartoné)

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    This extraordinary book describes the last years of the great legend and World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer.

    It is written by his close friend and confidant, the Icelandic author Gardar Sverrisson who was instrumental in procuring Fischer asylum in Iceland in 2004. For the remaining years of his life, Fischer resided in Reykjavik. He was in daily contact with Sverrisson who gradually became the only friend he would trust.

    Here the real story of Fischer's final years is told for the first time. Beautifully written, the book gives a unique insight into Fischer's personality. We encounter a passionate and complex man, a sincere and generous friend, a bookworm and a nature lover, who is both contemplative and witty when reflecting on his turbulent life, his controversial principles, exceptional career and many historic chess champions.

    'A vivid portrait of what Bobby was really like, a man who has long been a mystery to the world', Frederic Friedel, chessbase.com


    Pages 224

    Ugla Publishing 2019





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