Kim Barnouin; Rory Freedman: Skinny Bitch

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    Kim Barnouin; Rory Freedman: Skinny Bitch. Philadelphia, Running Press, 2005. 222 p. Paperback.

    Skinny Bitch is a diet book written by former modelling agent Rory Freedman and former model Kim Barnouin. The book sold better than expected despite not having high initial sales.[1] Skinny Bitch became a best-seller in the United Kingdom by May 2007 and in the United States by July, more than eighteen months after its initial 2005 press run of 10,000 copies.

    The book advocates a purely vegan diet and includes sections on factory farming and animal cruelty. In addition to advocating a vegan diet, the authors also say that one should avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, chemical additives (such as aspartame) and refined sugar. Sources are frequently cited throughout the book, a large number of which point to vegan websites.

    Published in Spain as Delgada, pero no tonta (Aguilar, 2014)




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