Cookie Policy

Zoconet S.L. (hereinafter, "todocoleccion") uses different technologies to enable the operation of the Services and help us to better understand how users interact with the Website, to enhance the browsing experience and to display relevant advertising content.

It is important that you know which cookies todocoleccion uses and for which purpose.

This will help you protect your privacy.

When using todocoleccion, you give us your consent to use cookies and similar tracking technologies in the ways described below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are generated on the user's computer, tablet, mobile or other devices (generically called "device") and that allow the user to store the information generated by their activity online. Cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their devices and, depending on the information contained and how devices are used, cookies can be used to recognise the user.

Other similar technologies such as control pixels, web beacons, device IDs or tracking URLs also allow us to collect data about users, pages visited, links clicked through, advertising displayed or emails opened.

For consistency purposes, the combination of all these technologies shall be referred to below as "Cookies".

Cookies are stored on the user's device until they expire, or until the user deletes them. Browsers may be configured to warn users of the presence of cookies or to automatically reject them. Rejecting cookies may restrict the use of some of the features or even prevent the proper operation of a website.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are useful for several reasons. They allow the Services to work smoothly, as they are tailored to your preferences. They help us remember, for example, that you have logged in or the products that you add to the shopping cart. Thanks to the statistical information we collect with cookies, we can better understand the needs of users and improve the Services.

Cookies also make advertising more efficient, helping us to show you relevant ads and content of interest.

What types of cookies are there?

To help you understand more, we will now list the types of cookies used, both those which require your consent and those which are necessary for the basic operation of the Services:

  • Technical cookies: these allow the user to browse a website, platform or application and use the different options or services on it, such as tracking traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing sections featuring restricted access, remembering the items in an order, performing the purchasing process of an order, signing up to or taking part in an event, using security elements during the session, storing content for playing videos or sound, or sharing content on social media.
  • Customisation cookies: these allow the user to access the Services with some general preset features according to a set of criteria found on the user's device, such as language, type of browser used to access the Services, regional configuration used to access the Services, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: these are either used, by us or by third parties, to quantify the number of users and thus perform a measurement and statistical analysis of the users' use of the Services. To do this, browsing habits on todocoleccion are analysed in order to enhance the products and services that we offer.
  • Advertising cookies: these, whether processed by us or by third parties, allow us to manage in the most effective way possible the advertising spaces on the website, tailoring the ad content to the content of the requested service or to the use made of our website. To do so, we may analyse your browsing habits on todocoleccion and show you advertising related to your browsing profile.
  • Third-party cookies: todocoleccion may use third-party services which collect information for statistical purposes, about use of the website by the user and for the provision of other services related to the activity of the website.

Use of cookies

Below are all the cookies we may use:

In addition to the cookies that todocoleccion enables when you visit us, you will see that there are also third-party cookies, necessary for providing the Services. In some cases, this is because we have contracted said third party to offer certain services on our behalf, such as website analysis, optimisation through A/B testing, automatic code error management, surveys, etc.

Cookies are also included in our emails to record open and reply rates.

We work with online advertising companies to place our cookies on their websites or ads. This helps us know how often a click on one of our ads becomes a purchase or another action on the advertiser's website.

At todocoleccion we also work with companies that help us collect aggregate statistics about the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns or other operations. These technologies allow analytics providers to set or read their own cookies on your device, through which they can collect anonymous information about your use of the Services. It is important to point out that we prohibit these analytics providers from using cookies on our website to collect information that directly identifies you, such as your name or email address.

You can always choose not to participate in the collection or use of data by these third-party providers by clicking on the following links:

From todocoleccion it is possible to access different social networks to share content. In particular, this website participates in the Facebook network to allow the user to share content of interest with their social circle. Likewise, social plugins prevent the user from providing their personal data to this website through the use of information already shared on said social networks. The user is also given the possibility to share content on Twitter and Pinterest.

You can learn about the plugin policies of these social networks on:

It is important to point out that unless you are registered on these third-party sites and have given your explicit consent there, these cookies will never be associated with any personal data that could identify you.

On certain pages we display YouTube videos. YouTube's privacy policy can be consulted on:

Can I manage cookies?

You can always access the preferences menu of your browser and configure it to prevent the installation of cookies, delete existing ones and/or delete them before browsing other pages.

Your browser also displays the various options available regarding the management of cookies: basic functions, enhancements to the website, customisation, advertising, etc. Depending on the browser you are using, the way to disable cookies may vary. The most usual option is via the Options or Tools menu. In any case, we suggest you check the settings for the browser that are you using.

Most of the commonly used browsers have the option of anonymous browsing. You can use this to restrict the use of cookies.

We would like to remind you that if you reject the installation of cookies, the Services may be affected and this may prevent the correct use of them, whether partial or total. If you have deleted todocoleccion cookies from your browser, you may well have to install them again to enjoy all the options of the Services.

Other issues

If you continue browsing todocoleccion and make use of our services, we will consider that you acknowledge having read the policy and authorise the use by ZOCONET, S.L. of the different types of cookies mentioned above, in order to enable you to fully use the website.

If you have any queries or would like to ask us a question about the cookies we use, you can send us your enquiry via the contact form available on the following link

Updates to our Cookie Policy

In the future, we may modify this text to adapt it to possible legislative or regulatory changes, or due to instructions or resolutions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Therefore, we advise you to regularly read this text in order to keep you informed about its latest version.

In any case, if we introduce significant changes to this text, they shall be communicated to you either via the website or via email if you are a registered user.