Here are all the frequently asked questions from our users, so you can learn to know and use all the tools as a user, both as a buyer and as a seller.

I am a buyer
I am a buyer

Purchases and bids

The bids work by the system of Maximum bid, that is to say, in the corresponding box to indicate the price you must put the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for that lot at auction. From that point on, everything is automatic.

For example, if for a lot with a starting price of 40€ you write 60 in the box for Maximum bid, the system will bid for you and at that moment you will be the winner of the lot for 40€. If someone else bids, the system will try to make you the winner, but without exceeding the 60 Euros that you have indicated as maximum bid.

If someone exceeds you, the system will warn you in case you want to increase your maximum bid. In addition, you can change this maximum bid (increasing or decreasing it) at any time, either from the Bid button that appears in the description of the lot, or from My todocoleccion, in the section My current bids.

Closing of auctions : Auctions end at their scheduled time as long as there are no bids in the last 3 minutes of the auction. If there is a bid in the last 3 minutes of the auction, the auction will be extended by 3 minutes from the last bid placed, and so on if there are still bids.

Remember that the maximum number of daily bids is variable, depending on your history of positive reviews obtained, your purchase commitments and that you are demonstrating that you are a serious and responsible buyer, starting with a maximum of 5 daily bids.

You must access the option "My todocoleccion / All purchases", here you will get a list of your placed orders, showing a maximum of two years.

You can filter by modality of purchase, number of order or lot, date of purchase... besides being able to contact with the seller through the messenger to specify the shipping costs and the form of payment.

You also have options regarding the payment and reception of the order, to make it easier for you to track and control it.

Refine by

If you want to know more details about the order, just click on the order number.


Once the order is confirmed, todocoleccion sends your details to the seller who will contact you in a short period of time to provide you with the total amount, the necessary data for payment and specify the shipping method.

You can also contact the seller yourself, through the option " Go to Messenger" that you will find in "All purchases", next to each order.

Communicate with him and guarantee the success of your purchase.

In the messenger you can view the messages sent by the seller or contact him, saving the conversation for future reference.

Select the payment option by PayPal in the shopping basket, before confirming the order. This option is available in lots of sellers that support this method.

Payment method

Once the order is confirmed and you have it in "My purchases", the seller will indicate the total amount to pay (amount of lots + expenses). Once the total has been filled in, todocoleccion will notify you by email and will activate the option in your purchases so that you can make the payment directly from PayPal, where you will have to identify yourself with your access data of this platform.

Payment buyer

Summary PayPal

Once the payment has been made, we will inform the seller and we will note the payment and collection in the status of the order.

Status paid

Go to "My todocoleccion / All purchases" to access the list of purchases.

Next to each lot you will see the option "Review now" to give your valuation to the seller.

Choose your review in stars from 1 to 5, and describe briefly and accurately how the transaction went, evaluating communication, condition of the lot, management... your review is very important to guide other buyers.


You have 90 days to evaluate the purchase and the seller, do not wait until the end.

The tc Pay Service is voluntary for both Buyers and Sellers. It has a cost of 5% of the total amount of the transaction in question (including handling and shipping costs), which will be paid to todocoleccion.

This service has the following guarantees:

· Secure payment and easy to use.

· Guarantee of refund and free return.

· Help and support service at all times.

Therefore, ask the sellers that you want to pay by tc Pay. It is quick and easy, once the order is placed, it is only pending that the seller fills in the shipping costs and you will see the option to -Pay the order-.

Pay the order

Once you receive the product, click on -Confirm correct order- to close the operation successfully.

Confirm correct order

For more information click here.

After the purchase

To contact the seller it is advisable to use the tool " Go to Messenger" that you will see in the option "All purchases", next to your order.

Through the messenger you can contact the seller for any issue related to your order, leaving the conversation saved for future reference and record the payment and shipping agreements between the two.