Here are all the frequently asked questions from our users, so you can learn to know and use all the tools as a user, both as a buyer and as a seller.

I am a seller
I am a seller

Start selling

On todocoleccion we call the articles lots, it is the first thing you should learn to familiarize yourself with the web.

Go to My todocoleccion to upload a new lot. When you click on the option "Add new lot", it will take you to the form so that you can detail the lot you want to sell.

Fill in the information in the form with the following recommendations:

· Clear and concise title, so that users can easily locate your lot in their searches.
· Adequate section with respect to the lot you are selling.
· Detailed description. The more details and information, the clearer it will be to the future buyer, and the more confidence you will inspire.
· Good photos (well lit, with details, without external elements that distort the lot for sale...). "A picture is more important than a thousand words".

You can also include videos of functionality if it is the case of your lot.

There are two modalities of sale, direct sale or auction, in which you must indicate a starting price and the end date of the auction, the auction must have a minimum term of 5 days and a maximum of 10 days.

You can auction a maximum of 500 lots for free per month, and you can auction even more lots if you purchase additional vouchers.

If you are one of those who have a large catalog, you have two additional tools that will undoubtedly facilitate your work:

· Importamatic, with which you can massively upload your lots, modify them... just send us your catalog in .txt or .csv format.

· API todocoleccion, available for the most experienced users, which allows you to integrate your lot management system directly with ours. You will be able to upload lots, modify them, list orders...

Adding shipping costs is very easy. With Shipping Service tc you only have to choose the weight range of your order and, if any, the handling costs and if you want to insure your order if it exceeds 200€. If you use other shipping methods, in the case of "Others" you only have to indicate the total price, corresponding to the transport and handling of your lots.

You can add your shipping costs manually either when adding new lots or when managing your lots for sale, by clicking on "Add shipping costs" or "Modify".

You can also add your shipping costs to all your lots for sale quickly and easily from our tool to add shipping costs, from Importamatic or from the API. If you have any doubts, we recommend you to consult our videotutorial.

In a fast, efficient and simple way, from the form of registration of lots

· Click on the photo box to select them.

Add photos

· Select the photos you have saved on your computer, click on open or simply drag and drop them into the photo box.

Add photos

· And all selected photos will be uploaded at once.


· The first one will be the main photo, but you can reorder them by selecting them and moving them with the mouse, or delete them if any of them is not the right one.


The options for modifying or deleting any of your lots can be found under "My lots for sale".

Once you get the list of lots, you will find the options to modify and delete.

Modify or delete lots

In no case you can delete lots that are in the modality of auction or with discounts applied.

To be able to add more than one photo to your lots, once the lot is uploaded, you must go to "My lots for sale".

Locate the lot to which you want to add more photos, click on Add and then on the option " Photos".

You will be able to include new photos from your computer or photos that you have already uploaded to the Photobooth.

Remember to add clear photos, with good lighting, without backgrounds that distort the lot for sale and showing as much detail as possible of what you are selling.

In order to insert a video to your lots you must access "My lots for sale".

Once you have located the lot, just click on Add and then on " Video".

You will access the form to add a video to your lot. The video must be hosted on an external server, so you just have to provide the link.

Remember that there is no limit to the number of videos you can insert, but we do recommend the controlled use of this tool and that the videos are clear and show details or functionality of the lot that can help the user in their purchase decision.

Questions, offers and auctions

The system of offers allows interested users to make you offers on your lots. If you accept the offer, it is automatically converted into an order, quickly and easily. A very successful selling method among our sellers.

To allow users to make offers, you must go to the option "Sales settings", here check the option Yes and choose the percentage you want to accept as a minimum, if you accept a higher percentage more sales options you will have.

Sales settings

Once the option is activated you will be able to manage it in the option "Offers received". Accept the offer or counteroffer, and get your sale. You have 3 days to confirm the offer, or wait for the buyer's response to your counteroffer.

Following a lot is an option that you will see in the catalog or lot page that allows users interested in your lots to follow them, in order to keep them instantly informed of any changes that occur in any of them.

Take advantage of the follow-up to your lots to make discounts and modality changes and to obtain more sales.

In the option "See follow-ups of my lots on sale" you will have a list of all your lots that users are interested in and from where you will be able to manage them.

You must click on "Add new lot", here you can see the icon Use the description of the last published lot

When you click on it, the form will be automatically filled in with the data of the last lot you have inserted. You only have to modify the data that you need and then upload the lot.

Once an auction ends without bids, the lot automatically goes into the modality of direct sale. From that moment on, 15 days must pass before you can put the lot back into the modality of auction.

Remember that recycling a lot does not mean that it can be put back on auction if 15 days have not passed since the last auction.

Questions and answers

To manage questions about your lots, go to the option " Answer to your potential buyers".

You will get a list of all the questions, and you will be able to select those that have not yet been answered or even those that have already been answered.

If you select "Questions without answer" you will see the option to answer it, you can also delete the question if you consider it inappropriate, or even reject it, notifying the user in this case. In addition to the options for managing the answer you will see very useful options such as viewing the user's orders or previous questions, if available.

In the case of selecting "Answered questions" you will be able to answer them again if necessary.