Getting started with todocoleccion

In this guide we show you how to get the most out of the tools of todocoleccion.

Unregistered users

Registering on todocoleccion is totally free. To register enter Sign in.

Sign in

Here you have 2 options, click on Sign up and send us your email so we can confirm it and continue with the registration, or through the option Sign in with Google.

Sign up

Once the email is confirmed, in the first option, you will have to fill in the data of username (minimum 4 characters - maximum 20, letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores), and password (minimum 5 characters - maximum 20), which will be your access data as a user to the web. Accept the conditions of service and the privacy policy, click "Validate account" and that's it, you are a todocoleccionista.

The most common cause is because your mail server detects us as spam and does not allow the correct delivery of the message. In this case you should check your options and the spam folder in case our message is there. In that case mark our message as of your interest.

If the problem persists we recommend registering with an email that belongs to a mail server with guarantees and reliability.

Registered users

It is recommended that you consult all the help to sell. We also recommend you to enter the help page about the pricing, where the prices of todocoleccion and its modalities of sale are detailed in a clear way.

Once read, click on Sell on todocoleccion, within "My todocoleccion", remember that you must be previously registered as a user.

"Selling on todocoleccion is serious" and therefore the security and veracity of the data is essential, so you must complete all the steps requested. Once the process is finished, your data will be verified by the corresponding department so that your registration can be activated.

What are they and how to activate them? They are nothing more than notifications that the system sends you about new lots of your interest, lots that you have previously selected through a catalog search.

To activate a search alert you only have to make a specific search in the search engine and select the appropriate section to obtain the best possible result of that search. Once obtained, if the result is satisfactory, click on "Save search".

Search alerts

You will receive an email every time there is news related to your alert. You can manage your alerts in "My todocoleccion / My favourites / Search alerts".

The most comfortable, fast and easy way to be informed about the news you are interested in.

Every morning you will receive in your email account a notification with the news that has occurred in relation to the sections of the catalog in which you have activated an alert. The alerts inform you, for each section, of new lots registered, new lots coming up for auction, auctions about to end, discounts, etc.

To activate a catalog alert go to "My todocoleccion / My favourites / Catalog alerts / Add new alert" and select the catalog section you want to receive daily information about.

Catalog alerts

An option that allows you to follow a lot that interests you, know possible discounts, changes, etc., and notifies you of any changes by email or notifications in the app.

To put a lot in follow-up you just have to click on the heart "Follow", so easy, and the lot will already be in follow-up.

Following the lot

For the lot to be followed you must be previously registered or even sign up in a simple and quick way to be able to save the follow-up to the lot you are interested in.

Every lot in follow-up has an expiration date, a validity period of about 2 years and if not renewed will be automatically deleted after that time.

To renew the follow-up you have to go to My todocoleccion / My Favourites / Follow-ups and click on the button Renew, which will appear next to each lot.


You can also see the different options for the management and visualization of the previously selected follow-ups.

You have several drop-down menus where you can select from, if you want to:
· see the follow-ups on lots on sale or sold lots.
· see the follow-ups by reasons: no reason defined, I am interested in buying soon, maybe I will buy it in the future, belongs to the competition, similar to one of mine or others.
· see the follow-ups of all the sellers or of each seller by clicking on his username.

In addition, you can sort the follow-ups by the newest, next to expire, discounts by due date, highest price, lowest price or by seller.

Each lot appears as you are used to seeing it in the catalog, with the photo of the lot, title, seller's data, price, etc.

Finally, you also have a series of options and data on the follow-up:
· Option to Renew the follow-ups.
· The number of days until the follow-up expires.
· Option to add a reason why you have saved the follow-up.

In case you do not want to continue with the follow-up, you only have to click again on the heart and uncheck it.


The avatar is nothing more than a representative icon of your user account, it will not only allow you to be better known, but you will also get to know the sellers better. In short, your avatar will improve the identification and give the website a more social and human character.

If you do not select a personalized avatar, the system will automatically assign you one.

You can add a new avatar or modify the one you already have in the option "Personal data".

It is advisable to read well the description of the lot, observe well the photo and its additional photos if it has them, and very important to see the payment and shipping conditions offered by the seller.

If you have any doubts, you can ask the seller directly. Ask for as much information as possible to avoid misunderstandings after the purchase-sale, click on the tab Questions and Answers that you will see on the page of the lot to send your question, write it and send it.

Questions and answers

Your question will always be private and the seller is the one who will decide, when sending you the answer, whether to make it public or continue it privately, depending on the interest that your question may have for the rest of the users.

Thousands of lots on todocoleccion are under the promotion of "Free delivery", meaning that the shipping will not cost you anything, you buy at the price you see, no surprises. The free delivery promotion can be in ordinary or certified shipping, characteristics that you will see once you have the lot in the basket and before confirming the order.

You will locate the lots with promotion of "Free delivery" thanks to its logo Free delivery, or by checking the option "Only with free delivery" in the filters of the catalog.

Free delivery

Otherwise, you should go to the tab "Payment and shipping methods" (always recommended) in the lot's page, where each seller informs you of their conditions, which are accepted once the order is placed.

Payment and shipping methods

If the seller does not give clear information about the costs, you can ask him directly before proceeding with the purchase, to do this go to the tab Questions and answers or the option Make a question”.

Before making any purchase it is advisable to ask the seller all the necessary questions to remove doubts and avoid misunderstandings later.

The maximum number of daily bids is variable, depending on your history of positive reviews obtained, your purchase commitments and that you are demonstrating that you are a serious and responsible buyer.

You start with 5 daily bids and it is up to you to increase and prove your worth.

You must go to "My todocoleccion / Communication settings", which you will find in the section "My account".

Here you will see the different options of notifications sent by todocoleccion.

Choose the language in which you want to receive them and check or uncheck those you want to receive or not, as well as if you want them by mail, app notification or both.

Communication settings

To send your request to cancel your registration as a user on todocoleccion you can contact us and notify us here. Remember that you must be logged in to do so.

Tell us the reasons for your cancellation in case we can help you in any way before you leave.

Pricing Guide

Pricing Guide

The Pricing Guide is a guide of sold lots. An exclusive and free service for the community of users of todocoleccion.

We all wonder how much they are worth, how much those objects cost that we inherited or bought a long time ago and that we have at home or in our storage room.

The Pricing Guide helps you to answer this question that we all ask ourselves.

Every collector needs to value or assess their collection. The Pricing Guide collaborates in this objective.

The Pricing Guide helps you to know the market value of the objects of art, antiques and collectibles by showing all the sales transactions carried out since 2000 on todocoleccion and it is updated with new prices (data) of sold items in real time.

You can clear the doubt of how much it costs or how much an object is worth from a few euros to many thousands: it contains millions of sales references relating to art, antiques and collectibles.

It is essential for collectors, appraisal and valuation of art objects, antiques and collectibles.

The Pricing Guide accompanies you on your mobile. Keep it close to you during your excursions for fairs, flea markets and other events.