Sale on commission

Sellers only pay a commission to todocoleccion for all sales made successfully. The commission is applied to the price for which the lot was sold

Sale via shop

Sellers pay to todocoleccion a fixed monthly fee according to the type of store and a small variable fee on sales made successfully.

A successful sale is either the sale has been completed correctly or it was not finished because it fails to meet any of the specifications indicated in the terms of service for that purpose.

Ways of selling Fixed fee Variable fee
(according to the price of the sold lot)
Free recycling Free auctions Free mailings
On commission * €0 monthly
Up to €300 7,75%
From 301 to €500 6%
From 501 to €1.000 4%
More than €1.000 3%
100 lots monthly 100 lots monthly NO
Standard shop €65 monthly 4% 100 lots monthly 100 lots monthly 1 monthly
Pro shop ** €150 monthly 3% 200 lots monthly 200 lots monthly 2 monthly
Platinum Shop ** €250 monthly 2% 300 lots monthly 300 lots monthly 3 monthly
Single fee to sign up as seller: 10€

IVA 21% is not included

* minimum fee 0.01€
** New registrations are not admited on these modalities

Shops have specific tools such as management and support for sales. Those tools are not available for sellers under commission sale.

Additional services are available for the sellers to promote their lots that are billed independently. More information

Free advantages for selling at todocoleccion

Más lotes
Add as many lots as you wish, you just have to pay fee if the sale concludes successfully.
Imágenes adicionales
Add all the additional images you need.
Lotes sin límite
Publish your lots without any limit of time