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A story of success

The shop Sonidav invested in the email marketing tool 5,15€ (VAT included) to send a mailing to 610 customers of todocoleccion of the section Antiques - Religious Antiques - Old Goldsmith and obtained a 57% of openings and sales of more than 3000€.

What is the email marketing tool and what is it for?

It is a new advanced and specialized service to create updated mailing lists through which you can offer your lots to all todocoleccion customers (not only yours) who have purchased a specific product from a specific section of the catalog. It acts with precision and puts at your disposal todocoleccion's huge database of active customers.

With these techniques you will achieve excellent opening rates for your mailings and increase your sales. In the demos carried out with real sellers, opening rates between 65 and 45% were achieved, which demonstrates the great commercial usefulness of the new email marketing tool that the todocoleccion team puts at your disposal.

  • Get access to all clients of todocoleccion.

  • Offer expected and desired lots by customers.

  • Schedule the sending of the mailing for when you consider best.

How to use it?

The mailing lists can be configured by choosing the lots you want to offer by a simple click or by a search or a combination of both and even its sale modality (direct sale, auction...). Once you have chosen the lots (between 1 and 10 maximum per mailing), an algorithm compiles and shows you the list of buyers to whom your expected contents will be sent and the cost of this.

Important recommendations for use

We offer you a series of recommendations to get more success, accuracy and cheaper email marketing.

  • Go to the lowest level of the catalog sections you are interested in.
    It is more precise, for example, an email marketing directed only to the users of the section "Art - Painting - Contemporary Painting", than to the main section "Art". The more precision, the more effective and more economical.

  • Do not mix sections, for example, sections of different styles: vinyl records or works of art mixed with books.

    Examples of mailings from our sellers,

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      • Antiques - Crystal and Glass - Santa Lucía de Cartagena
      • Antiques - Home and Decoration - Old Carpets
      • Antiques - Home and Decoration - Antique Boxes
      • Antiques - Porcelain and Pottery - France - Limoges
      • Antiques - Porcelain and Pottery - China
      • Toys - Modern Spanish Doll - Nancy and Lucas - Clothes and Accessories
      • Toys - Modern International Dolls - Other Dolls
      • Militaria - Melee Weapons, Replicas and Decorative Pieces

    • See other lots in...
      • Collectible Sport - Medals, Coins and Trophies

    With an opening success rate of 56%

  • Avoid too many lots and links in the message, otherwise the user may get lost on the way, without getting to the specific place of interest.

Try it!