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tc Pay

Fast, secure, simple and guaranteed. tc Pay is an integrated card payment gateway.

What is the tc Pay Service?

The tc Pay Service is a payment service (hereinafter, “tc Pay Service”) offered by ZOCONET, S.L., (hereinafter, “todocoleccion”) to the users of the website available on the URL www.todocoleccion.net or of the mobile applications located on Apple App Store or on Google Play Store (hereinafter, the “Platform”) to grant greater guarantee for payments and shipping of lots.

tc Pay is integrated in the management of purchases and sales of todocoleccion and it secures the transaction, withholding the amount until the Buyer receives the order and confirms that he/she has received it without incident and it corresponds to the offer made through the Platform.

The tc Pay Service is granted by todocoleccion through the payment gateway offered by Stripe Spain, S.L. (hereinafter, “Stripe”), leader in the sector of secure payments on the Internet, which guarantees the deposit and security of transactions. In particular, tc Pay Service is carried out through a virtual POS associated to the Seller and integrated in todocoleccion so that, once Buyer and Seller validate the operation, the amount is transferred to the bank account indicated by Seller.

Who can access the tc Pay Service and how much does it cost?

The tc Pay Service is of voluntary adhesion for both Buyers and Sellers.

In the case of Sellers, the Service is free and only Sellers that have an average review over 4.5 and a minimum of 3 positive reviews from 3 different Buyers received within the past 3 months can gain access to it.

The tc Pay service is only available to sellers residing in the following countries: Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

As for Buyers, the tc Pay Service has a charge, called “tc Pay Guarantee”, of 5% on the total amount of the transaction in question (including handling and shipping costs), which will be paid to todocoleccion.

Specific conditions for Sellers

Users must register on Stripe (https://stripe.com/es/privacy#translation) through the section assigned to it on the Platform of todocoleccion to enjoy our Payment Service. Stripe will need to verify the users’ identity and their data through a simple form.

Once the registering process is completed, the user’s account will be connected to the payment gateway through our provider Stripe (hereinafter, the “Connected Account”) and this user can access, from the section “My todocoleccion” located on the Platform, the tools needed for managing his/her payments through “tc Pay”.

Sellers should take into account that for registering themselves on Stripe and connecting their accounts, they must accept its own terms and conditions (https://stripe.com/es/ssa), as well as its privacy policy (https://stripe.com/es/privacy#translation).

All sales made as a seller through tc Pay must be sent by certified shipping.

When a Buyer starts a process of purchase of any lot and selects the option of tc Pay as method of payment, the process will consist of the following steps:

  • 1.1 Firstly, the Seller should send to the Buyer all the information related to the price and costs of the order so that he/she makes the transfer in a direct and fast way by credit/debit card.
  • 1.2 Payment will be made within the Platform of todocoleccion and has all the security guarantees. Thanks to the Stripe payment gateway, the Buyer doesn’t have to leave our Platform at any time.
  • 1.3 The system automatically will notify the Seller of when the Buyer has made the payment so that the former sends the corresponding order.

Once the Buyers has formalized the payment, the amount will be kept as a deposit until verifying that the delivery has been made correctly, the order has suffer no damage and the what has been purchase corresponds to what has been published in our Platform.

After receiving the shipping and checking that it meets the purchase, the Buyer shall confirm that all is correct by clicking the button enabled for this purpose on the section “My purchases”. In that moment the amount of the order will be transferred automatically to the Seller’s Connected Account, within an estimated term between 3 and 7 days.

If the Seller sends the parcel through our logistic Shipping Service tc (https://www.todocoleccion.net/servicio-de-envios), the entire process quickens. Once the order is recorded as delivered, the Buyer will have 48 hours to confirm that all has worked correctly. If this hasn’t been done within that term, the amount of the transaction will be transferred automatically to the Seller’s Connected Account.

If the Buyer doesn’t agree with what has been delivered, can start a dispute. In this case, the money will be retained until the incident has been solved.

With the tool “Collections management”, Sellers will have all the information about the status of their collections, as well as options for managing their balance and making transfers to their bank accounts. This tool is available for the Seller from “My todocoleccion” and displays all the information on the status of the payments received through the tc Pay Service.

Since Sellers has requested the withdrawal of money from their Connected Account until the money comes into their bank account could pass between 3 and 7 working days.

The Seller will be able to make monthly and freely four withdrawals of money. From the fifth monthly withdrawal, the cost will be 0.50 € + TVA per each withdrawal of money, which will be charged the first day of the corresponding following month by the usual payment system established by the Seller in his/her account.

Specific conditions for Buyers

If the Buyer has decided to pay his/her order through the tc Pay Service, after agreeing the shipping costs with the Seller, the system will provide a link for him to proceed with the payment. The payment is made within todocoleccion and with all the security guarantees thanks to the provider of todocoleccion Stripe, so the Buyer doesn’t have to leave the Platform at any time. The tc Pay Service guarantee the refund of the total paid amount in the case of the purchase/sale not to be completed successfully.

As said above, for Buyers, the tc Pay Service has a charge, called “tc Pay Guarantee”, of 5% on the total amount of the transaction in question (including handling and shipping costs), which will be paid to todocoleccion. The Buyer assumes the management cost of the tc Pay Service, called “tc Pay Guarantee”, at the moment of making the payment of the order through our payment gateway.

After receiving the shipping parcel and checking that it meets the purchase, the Buyer must confirm the tracking of the order (option “Confirm correct order”) and that everything is all right. At that very moment, the amount of the order in question will be automatically transferred to de Seller’s account.

If any problem has arisen with the delivery or the sent order doesn’t correspond to what has been purchased, the Buyer will have 48 hours after receiving the parcel to start a dispute and to notify todocoleccion of the incident. The dispute blocks the amount of the transaction while what has happened is clarified.

For facilitating the transactions, the Service allow the Buyer, if wished, to store the data of his/her credit/debit card for future purchases. On “My todocoleccion” it is available the tool “My account / My cards” for the management of the memorized cards.

How and when is the Seller paid?

If the order has been sent through Shipping Service tc, the integrated logistic Service of todocoleccion, the status of the order will be automatically updated and after it is registered as delivered, todocoleccion will transfer the amount to the Seller’s Connected Account when one of these conditions are met:

  • The Buyer confirms that the purchase/sale has been successfully completed. The Buyer has a maximum term of 48 hours since receiving the order to confirm that the shipping has arrived well and everything is correct.
  • Automatically, after 48 hours have passed since the shipping is registered as delivered, without the Buyer having confirmed the success of the purchase/sale.

For deliveries made trough other logistic operators not integrated in todocoleccion, the Buyer has a maximum term of 10 days to confirm that the purchase/sale has been completed successfully. If it is not confirmed within that term, the amount will be automatically transferred to the Seller’s Connected Account. In the event that the order is recorded as received within the indicated period, the Buyer will have 48 hours to confirm the status of the order, otherwise, the amount will be automatically transferred to the Seller's Account.

If a dispute on an order has started, the amount of that order will remain blocked until the incident is solved. In the case of a favourable resolution for the Seller, the amount will be transferred to the Seller’s Connected Account after the closing of the dispute.

What is a dispute?

A dispute is a process opened by a Buyer or a Seller for the resolution of an incident and where todocoleccion will be present to mediate between them about an order paid through the tc Pay Service.

todocoleccion will try at any moment to solve the conflict in good faith and according to the provisions of these Conditions of the tc Pay Service. It is possible that, even with our support, the conflicts don’t reach a satisfying conclusion or that, in its case, the resolution extends over time. In this regard, todocoleccion will solve the disputes within a 7-day term since all the information requested to the Buyer and the Seller is provided. In turn, Buyer and Seller will have a term of 7 days to provide todocolecion with the requested information. In case of, with the mediation of todocoleccion, not having reached a result satisfactory for both parties, todocoleccion reserves right to decide whether to reimburse the payment to the Buyer or the Seller according to the requirements of purchase/sale established in these Conditions of the tc Pay Service.

In its turn, todocoleccion will not be liable in any case for the damage or loss of value, whether directly or indirectly, that the products could suffer during the time that the resolution of the dispute takes. It will not make either any payment as compensation for the Buyer or the Seller in the case that any of them does not agree with our decision nor will it be in charge of the recovery or shipping of the products that caused the dispute.

Our resolution will be based on all the relevant available information and we will take into account any possible agreement between the Buyer and the Seller. Despite the decision we take, Buyer and Seller are free to claim their rights before the other party in the way they deem appropriate and in accordance with the legislation currently in force, in particular, in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

todocoleccion will NOT intermediate in the disputes that may arise in any purchase/sale operation made outside the tc Pay Service. In the case that a Seller or Buyer starts a dispute and todocoleccion verifies that it does not comply with the requirements established here, it will close automatically the dispute, informing both parties of that fact.

Nonetheless, the Buyer will have the right to the total refund of the paid amount after the dispute is open provided that one of requirements indicated below is fulfilled:

  • The received lot does not match the description of the original published advert.
  • The sent lot has arrived damaged.
  • The Buyer has not received the order after having been paid through the tc Pay Service.

What are the reasons and terms for starting a dispute?

In case of incidents with an order paid through the tc Pay, the Buyer may open a dispute about it to be revised and managed by todocoleccion to be solved appropriately.

The reasons to start a dispute about an order and its corresponding management are as follows:

  • Order paid on due term and without record of dispatch in 5 days.
  • Order paid, sent and not delivered after 7 days since the date of the registered payment. For shipments outside Spain, 21 days since the payment date.
  • The received order doesn’t match the purchase. The term for claim will be 48 hours since the order is registered as delivered.

How a dispute is managed?

For managing a correctly and having an option to the refund of the amount paid through the tc Pay Service it is necessary to provide the following:

  • Number of tracking of the shipment/company.
  • In the case that the reason for a dispute being started is that the sent order has arrived damaged, the Buyer will have to prove those damages with photographs and videos of both the packaging and the received lot, taken the day when the order is delivered.
  • Description of the incident in as much detail as possible, answering of the questions made by todocoleccion for the resolution of the dispute. Indicating, among other aspects, how the received lot differs from the offered lot or detailing the damages suffered by it.

After having started the dispute, the Buyer will have a maximum term of 7 days to provide all the information that it is requested. In its turn, todocoleccion may address the Seller to request any clarification or additional information. Once all the information requested from both parties is received, todocoleccion will have a 7-day term to analyze the documentation and solve the dispute. todocoleccion will solve the dispute by taking only into account the information supplied by the parties, thus, if they don’t detail properly the incident in the terms described here, todocoleccion could close it or solved it according to its best judgement.

In case the dispute is solved in favour of the Buyer, we will proceed to the refund of the paid amount.

Guarantees of the tc Pay Service

todocoleccion guarantees the payment security, for both Buyer and Seller, as long as they comply with the provisions of these Conditions of the tc Pay Service. In the event that the Buyer or Seller do not comply with what these legal texts stipulate, todocoleccion will not be able to guarantee the security of the payment, delivery and/or return of the purchased lot.

Payment status

For information purposes only, the statuses that an order may have are as follows:

  1. Pending: The Buyer has not yet received the ordered lot or, if applicable, he/she has not confirmed whether it is in good condition or it matches what was offered by the Seller through the Platform. If the shipping has been carried out through the tc Shipping Service, once the order is delivered, the Buyer has 48 hours to confirm it.
  2. Available: The Seller has already his/her money available to be drawn or transferred to his/her bank account.
  3. Processing withdrawal: The Seller has already requested the withdrawal of the money to his/her bank account. It will make payable between 3 and 7 working days.
  4. Withdrawal done: The Seller has already the money in his/her bank account.
  5. Open dispute: The buyer has an open dispute related to this order. todocoleccion is assessing the documentation provided by both parties for its resolution in the terms stated by these Conditions of tc Pay.
  6. Finished dispute: The dispute is deemed resolved and the corresponding refund to the buyer is being managed.

Applicable Law and jurisdiction

These Conditions of the tc Pay will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the current Spanish law, regardless of any applicable laws of conflict. In the event that the user uses the tc Pay Service in his capacity as a professional, company or legal person, the parties expressly and irrevocably submit, for any issues or disputes that may arise over the interpretation, compliance with and performance of this contract, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaga. In the event that the user is considered a consumer and, as a result, consumer law applies, any dispute will be settled by the courts and tribunals of the consumer's domicile.

The fact that todocoleccion does not exercise or enforce any rights or provisions under these Conditions of tc Pay will not constitute and must not be understood as a waiver of those rights or provisions.

If a competent court determines that any provision of these Conditions of tc Pay is void, the parties agree that the court must seek to respect and give effect to the intention of the parties as reflected in the said provision, and that the other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

Users, in their capacity as consumers, may address todocoleccion through the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR) in order to send their claim to a dispute resolution body, by using the following link:


Version amended on 28/06/2021