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The free tool for the massive import of lots.

What is Importamatic and what is it for?

It is a free tool to massively upload lots and keep the catalog up to date. You only need a file in .csv or .txt format of your current catalog.

If you don't have a digitized database, you can create your own file from one of the templates of todocoleccion. You can download them in the User guide of Importamatic.

What can Importamatic do?

  • Add lots
  • Modify lots (Change title, description, prices, add photos, add shipping costs, ...)
  • Delete lots

Who can use Importamatic?

It is recommended for sellers with a large catalog of lots, such as the sale of books, comics, music, films, stamps or coins.

How can I upload my file?

There are two ways to update your catalog with Importamatic: sending a file with your complete catalog or sending files only with new registrations, changes and/or cancellations of your references.

If you want to send us your entire catalog for the first time or update the catalog you already have on todocoleccion, choose "Option 2 - Send complete catalog".

If you want to send only the new lots (new registrations, cancellations or changes) with respect to your current catalog on todocoleccion, then you must choose "Option 1 - Send only the new lots".

To send us your file go to your personal page of My todocoleccion and click on the section Importamatic.


Once inside the Importamatic page you will be able to choose one of the upload options according to your interest. Remember that the button to overwrite images should only be checked in case you want to replace images that you already have in your lots with new ones that are already inserted in your file via URL.

Opciones Importamatic

When you click the button "Upload file" a window will open for you to select the file from your PC. Once confirmed, the upload will start and when it is finished you will see it reflected with the status "Pending" in the upload history, waiting for the file to be processed. Once the file is processed it will change to the status "Completed", or it will appear as "Rejected" if it does not meet the requirements. In such cases, our responsible editors will contact you with a notice to let you know why the file has been rejected.

Historial Importamatic

How can I associate images to my lots?

You can associate your images by including image URLs in the file; these must be previously hosted on a web server or on your website. You will need as many image fields as you have URLs for each lot.

You can also associate images using the Photobooth or FTP. To do this you will need to rename each image with the exact same name of the reference to which it corresponds. E.g. If your reference is 123, the name of the main image must be: 123.jpg; and if you have additional images: 123_2.jpg, 123_3.jpg, 123_4.jpg...

What are the requirements for my file?

If your file already has the mandatory fields, we will adapt it to our system and if any of them are missing, we will help you to incorporate them. These are the main requirements that the file must meet:

  • The file format must be .txt, .tab or .csv.

  • The file must have in the first line the header with the names of each column (reference, title, price...).

  • The information for each reference must appear on the same line. There can be no line breaks or paragraphs.

  • References must be unique for each article and must not be reused in any case. If you have more than one item of the same reference, use the stock field to indicate the number of items you have.

  • You must keep the same configuration in your file and order of the fields. If you need to modify it, let us know before sending the file to make the changes.

  • The file must contain at least the mandatory fields: reference, title, price, description and section.

  • Change the name of the file every time you send it. The name must not include special characters (accents, brackets, commas, etc.). You can add the date at the end to distinguish them. For example: file_todocoleccion10feb.txt

General recommendations

  • Use either of the two modes to send your file for the first time.

  • If you send a file of books it is not obligatory to indicate the section, but it is important that they are well placed so that they are easier to locate and so that your lots appear in the catalog alerts and promotions that we send to the users. If you put new (unused) books for sale, it is important that you place them in the corresponding section.

  • We recommend adding the field "Condition" with the classification from 1 to 5: 1 Damaged, 2 Some defects, 3 Normal, 4 Good, 5 Very good.

  • We also support the following condition classification:
    1: 1, Damaged, poor, beat up.
    2: 2, Some defects, regular, used.
    3: 3, Normal, acceptable condition, good, acceptable.
    4: 4, Good, like new, in good condition, good condition.
    5: 5, Very good, excellent, new, in very good condition, very good condition, in perfect condition, excellent condition, magnificent condition.

  • If you do not have your catalog digitized, we recommend using our templates. We have a specific template for books and a standard template that you can adapt according to the type of item you sell.

  • If your file is very heavy we recommend sending it by FTP. More useful information in the User guide of Importamatic.

  • Add images to your lots, as this will help you to get more visits and sales. Please note that lots without images do not appear in our catalog promotions and user search alerts.

  • It is recommended to check the orientation of the images before including them in the file via URL or sending them by Photobooth or FTP.

Find more detailed information in the User guide from the Importamatic section (in the seller's account). There you can download one of our templates, view the section codes, create an FTP account and more useful details.

Contact us

If you have any doubt to start using Importamatic, contact us to help you and get started as soon as possible.