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How to buy

Everything you see in our catalog. We have more than 28,000,000 lots for sale from more than 24,000 different sellers.
Explore the catalog, there are more than 2,400 sections, or use the search engine directly. You also have an advanced search engine that makes it easier to find what you are interested in. To stay well informed, create alerts on the sections and searches of your interest. We will notify you when new lots matching your interests come up for sale.
In our catalog you will see several sale modalities, as well as options to get the lot you are interested in at a better price.

· Direct Sale: Modality to add the lot directly to the basket and place your order in a quick and easy way.

· Auction: You can bid for it. The highest bid wins the lot. A good opportunity to get your lot at a better price. You also have these options,

· Accepts offers: Send a reasonable offer to the seller, ask for a better price, and if he accepts it, the lot is yours.

· Discounts: Thousands of lots with discounts, a unique opportunity to acquire the lot you are looking for at the best price, for a limited time.

· Free delivery: No additional shipping costs.
Before buying or bidding, it is important to review all the lot information. In the lot's page you will find all the information you need. Description, price, condition, photographs... You can also check the seller's profile, including his reviews.

Pestañas de información de un lote

The seller describes his payment and shipping policy in the tab 'Payment and shipping methods'. Read it before buying. If you have any questions regarding the lot you can ask the seller directly from the tab 'Questions and answers'. And remember, some sellers accept offers, they are open to negotiate the price. Send your offer and if it is accepted, the lot is yours.
If the lot is on direct sale use the shopping basket.

Botón de compra

Add to the basket all the lots you are interested in and once you have finished, click on the option Buy. If you are already a member of todocoleccion, use your account to identify yourself. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up by providing those data so that your order arrives correctly.
If the lot is in auction you will have to bid for it.

Botón de puja

Set your bid. If someone outbid you we will contact you in case you want to raise it. You can also set a maximum bid, or in other words, the highest price you would be willing to pay for that lot.
In that case the system will bid for you to prevent you from losing the lot. When the auction ends we will let you know if you are the winner.

If you want more information you can go to Frequently asked questions for the buyer.