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Highlight your lots from the rest of sellers for very little per day, and benefit from it.


Before requesting the service Highlights, it is important that you read carefully, understand and accept the conditions of the service.

Highlights is...

Highlights is an additional service of todocoleccion, and therefore regulated by special conditions of use.

Highlights is a reduced catalog, which is built through formulas that filter each category, and which presents a new view. It is therefore a new showcase for the best lots. The intention of Highlights is to give more visibility to the rarer lots, as they are more susceptible to being lost in the large amount of other items.

Lotes en Destacados

Requirements to request the service Highlights

You must be a seller on todocoleccion and understand and accept that only the lots that meet the requirements will be shown in the catalog of Highlights, and that the fact of hiring the service does not entitle you as a seller to include your lots in the catalog at your own discretion.

Requirements that lots must meet in order to appear in the Highlights

  • Adequate description of the product being offered.
  • Representative photos of sufficient quality that adequately illustrate the product.
  • Higher selling price than the established price for the section. The established price for each section and seller is calculated using an algorithm that takes into account variables such as:
    • price density of the section
    • average price of lots for sale in the section
    • average price of sold lots in the section
    • years of membership of the seller
    • reviews of the seller
  • Pass the review of an editor.

Procedure for inclusion/exclusion in the catalog of Highlights

Once the request for registration in Highlights has been accepted, the inclusion of lots in the catalog is done automatically by means of a selection algorithm. An editor reviews the automatic selection and excludes those lots that do not meet the established requirements.

The seller can request at any time the inclusion in the catalog of lots that he considers should belong to Highlights and that have not been automatically included by the system. The request will be passed directly to the editor, who, taking into account the particular conditions of the lot, will decide whether the lot is included in Highlights.

Likewise, the seller can exclude any of his lots from the catalog Highlights if he considers that they should not be included in the catalog.

Price of the Highlights service

  • The service has a daily price of 0.40 Euros.
  • Sellers who have a shop in todocoleccion have a 50% discount, so the daily price of the service for these sellers while the shop is open is 0.20 Euros.
  • The price of the service is independent of the number of lots that benefit from the service, or what is the same, it does not matter the number of lots that each day appear published in the catalog of Highlights, the rate is flat, 0.40 Euros / day.
  • If one day none of the seller's lots meet the requirements to appear in the catalog of Highlights, the service will have no associated cost for that day.
  • Cancellation of the service can be requested at any time, and will be effective on the last day of the month in which it is requested.

Request your registration for Highlights